Your Pilot Career Starts Today

Take the first step towards making your career aspirations a reality and book your complimentary Discovery Flight with Alliance International Aviation.  

Your Competitive Advantage

Our training program is designed to give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs in the aviation industry.  You will learn from veteran military and civilian pilots who have successfully prepared hundreds of students just like you for a career as a professional pilot.  You can also choose from our selection of additional type-rating courses to give you an even greater advantage when applying for high demand jobs in corporate or commercial aviation:

  • Private Pilot

  • Instrument Rating

  • Commercial Rating

  • Multi-Engine Rating

  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

  • Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument (CFII)

  • Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI)

  • Jet Transition Training

  • Upset Recovery 

  • Aerobatics & Formation Flying

  • Part 135 Air Charter Operations

Pilot Training For Tomorrow's Aviation Jobs...Today

We offer our students comprehensive and robust training plus the credentials and ratings the airlines demand in today's market...and tomorrow. 


There has never been a higher demand for pilots than today.  Ensure you are are on track to make your dream of flying for the airlines a reality with our one-on-one pilot mentorship, individualized career guidance, airline partnerships, and competitive training program.  

Our Crew

Our team of veteran military and civilian pilots are here to guide you through your aviation training journey.  You are not simply a number at AIA - but rather a valued member of a family-run business where our students' success drives us to be better instructors every day.

Funding Your Future

Financing your training is surprisingly within reach with AIA.  AIA partners with industry-leading lending providers to ensure that our students have access to the financing terms they need to complete their pilot training and start their career as a professional pilot.

AIA also offers in-house financing that can streamline your dreams into a reality. 

Industry Leading

Lending Providers

Loans up to $100K

Flexible Repayment Terms


Financing Available

Train at Three Convenient AIA Locations in LA

Chino (KCNO)

Riverside (KRAL)

La Verne (KPOC)

Fly Like a Professional with our Flagship Training Aircraft

Our Diamond DA40 is the modern aircraft trainer perfectly suited to give you the modern aviation training experience you need for commercial and corporate aviation.  The DA40 checks all the boxes and ensures you train today how you will fly tomorrow. 





Real World



& Safety



Equipped with the Garmin G1000, the DA40 will ensure you are prepared for all modern commercial and corporate jets operating today.

  • Fully-integrated cockpit design

  • Customizable Displays

  • Advanced AHRS Architecture

  • Pre-flight planning and flight plan submission

  • Modern, Industry-leading glass cockpit design

  • Superior Situational Awareness

  • Convenience & Safety

  • Weather, Radio, Traffic, & Entertainment


& Safety

The DA40's modern, composite airframe is equipped with advanced safety features that showcase Diamond's sterling, industry-leading safety record including both active and passive safety features.


The canopy design provides unrivaled visibility to ensure pilot situational awareness while the DA40's ease of operation, stability, handling, control, and system redundancies all add to the airframe's overall suite of safety innovations.



Virtually no other training aircraft provides you the professional performance coupled with the fuel efficiency of the DA40:

  • Four-passenger cabin

  • 180 - 195 horsepower

  • 5.2 gallon/hour burn rate

  • 154 knots cruise speed

  • 16,400' operating ceiling

  • 940 nautical mile range

  • 904 lbs. cargo capacity

Real World


We partner with CalSkies, Southern California's newest FAA Part 135 Air Charter and Broker to provide AIA students with relevant real-world experience flying in the twin turboprop DA42 Diamond Twin Star.

You can apply the foundations you learn flying the DA40 while operating as the Second In Command (SIC) Pilot for CalSkies flight operations in California and beyond.

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